Should I stay or should I go, if I stay how am I best?
If I go how Do I get there?
When I get there how am I best?

I am coaching people through career transition to help them frame and answer these questions to make informed decisions. I also work with executives to build leadership capabilities which complement their business strengths, and I work with mid-level managers and above who are interested in continuously developing themselves so they can bring their whole best self to every aspects of their lives.

My one-on-one coaching work within an organization takes on the following structure:

  • Introductory meeting with the executive to establish working guidelines, set expectations, and review the coaching process

  • Meetings with the executive’s HR partner, directors, other leaders as appropriate

  • One-on-one confidential interviews with key stakeholders

  • “Shadowing” of client during leadership duties

  • Mid-point and close-out meetings with executive, HR partner and other key stakeholders as needed to evaluate progress against objectives and outline next steps to sustain and support the executive in their development.